Friday, November 29, 2013

New Arrivals Just in Time for Christmas: Parfums MDCI Paris


The new Parfums MDCI Paris line has just arrived! We have two spectacular scents for you to try for the holiday season.

Cuir Garamante

A spice chest of tantalizing vanilla, saffron and papyrus scents, intermingled with twists of rich leather. This sexy fragrance wafts tendrils of oud-like incense through the air as it shimmers its way through the evening, releasing notes of rose and sandalwood. This is a  perfect choice for gentlemen attending a special event at a fine restaurant.

Cuir Garamante 75 ml

Nuit Andalouse

A strikingly sweet floral scent opening in a colorful and fragrant bouquet of orange and violets. Gardenias, ylang-ylang, roses and orange blossoms round out scent placing the wearer's nose in paradise. This scent closes with edible base notes of vanilla and orange. A fine choice for your company Christmas party.

Nuit Andalouse 


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