Friday, October 11, 2013

The Perfect Guide on Grooming For Men

Men often need a helping hand when it comes to grooming, between shaving to dressing the part of a masculine and modern man who is confident in himself. Although men naturally feel inclined to forget about taking care of their appearance, it can be easy with a few simple steps that are considered much easier than what women have to endure.

Styled Hair

Whether going for the long-haired surfer look or wanting a buzz-cut for the hipsters, it's important to choose a style and stick with it as each require different types of maintenance. Using a hair gel is recommended to keep your style intact for the whole day.

Depending on how fast your hair grows, visit a barber every four to six weeks to keep it the hair style looking polished. For longer styles, brush it once or twice during the day and try to keep it out of your eyes.


The amount of facial hair a man has will ultimately determine his overall appearance for either a polished or scruffy look. Depending on the man's profession, it's important to look professional if it's required for their career so he can look sophisticated and clean-cut.

Using Almond Shaving Cream when removing scruff will prevent a rash from occurring, as well as make for a close shave that won't leave a five o'clock shadow. The rich and creamy lather will soften the skin and make it less irritable for a comfortable shave to avoid nicks and cuts prevented.

Truefitt & Hill 1805 AfterShave Balm leaves a masculine scent that is strong, but not too overpowering for a product that works to cool the skin's surface when applied in small amounts. The balm also works to be absorbed into the skin for optimum moisture for even skin tones and a soothing effect that is often needed after a razor is used on the facial skin.

Beards should be kept trimmed and combed with all of the the hair going in the same direction. The hair next to the nose on the cheeks should also be shaved every few days, as well as under the beard on the front of the neck, for facial hair that is tamed and still clean.

Men’s Cologne

A man's cologne will work to define his personal style and the signature scent that he's known by without feeling feminine. Cologne should be applied to the pulse points on both the wrists and the neck for areas that will keep the scent throughout the day and will not rub easily onto other surfaces. It should only be applied to one or two spots on the body to prevent too strong of a scent from developing. Avoid applying it under the arms or in areas where you're prone to sweat, as the sweat can easily mix with the cologne for an unappealing mixture. Spray it several inches away from the skin, and avoid rubbing it, which will only suppress the smell and wipe it away. The different types of men’s cologne you can buy include citrus, aquatic, gourmand, musky and woody.

Body Hair

Body hair is an unsightly look on most men when it grows in certain areas that include the back, shoulders, and even in thick amounts on the chest. It's important to remove it with either waxing or shaving tools. For hard to reach areas, visit a salon every four to six weeks to maintain the smooth surface with professional waxing services that will make it easy to stay groomed and spend time outdoors without feeling embarrassed.

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