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Scents to Bring Comfort & Joy

Scents to Bring Comfort & Joy

Winter is coming and what better way to celebrate the season than with a whiff of scented joy for the twelve days of Christmas. Here’s several fragrant selections to help you choose tantalizing scents for everyone on your list, while saving a few for yourself.

Dashing Through the Snow - The month of December can be hectic with shopping, baking, decorating, and parties. As you rush around doing your errands, stop and take a breather. Why not head outdoors for an hour or two to get some fresh air? Many people don't think of taking a walk during winter time, but it can be a great time to clear the senses, especially the olfactory ones and get ready for the chaos of the season.

Cuddle up with a soft white velvet cloak with hood and dab on a bit of Teint de Neige by Villoresi Firenze: "The color of snow". This scent is musky with a soft undertone of heliotrope, very soft and feminine.

Enjoy the festive outdoors with Zagorsk, Comme des Garcons. This fragrance opens with a sharp burst of citrus. If you can't be in a Florida lemon grove, then experience it through a fragrance that smells like a chilly walk through the snow in the park, wearing comfy winter boots. As you stroll around various scents open up; pine needles, crushed leaves underfoot, and tree bark. Relax on the park bench with a spicy mushroom afterglow.

Shopping all through the Night – Wear a fresh scent to revitalize you after work with Visa de Robert Piguet. Visa fits the bill for an evening of Christmas shopping with its sweet fruity notes, orange flowers, and vanilla bean soft notes with a bright aqua base. Now you can shop all through the night!

After a hectic evening at the shopping mall you'll want to curl up in your robe and dab on some Fougere Bengale with it's calming lavendar and tobacco notes. Sit back and relax knowing that your shopping is all done after a visit to The Perfume Shoppe.

Baking Treats to Go – Delicious perfumes reminscent of holiday baking are what to wear on Christmas Eve as you bake holiday treats.

Rousse by Serge Lutens opens with an enticing cinnamon note with middle notes of a pear upside down cake baking in the kitchen, intermingled with Grandpa's fine after-dinner cigar.

If you're heading off to the tropics for a holiday vacation, bring a bottle of Vanille Coco by Compton Sud Pacifique with you. This fragrance has easily recognizable notes of vanilla and coconut. This is a must for a holiday vacation in Hawaii! If you can't go, buy Vanille Coco as a vacation substitute.

If you're looking for a perfume that smells like a dessert buffet take a whiff of Vanille Abricot by Compton Sud Pacifique. This perfume smells of a delicious dessert. Perhaps a fruit cake or plum pudding, maybe a fruit tart, drizzled in orange and apricot liquers. Try not to drink the bottle!

Vanille Absolue by Montale: This gently scented perfume starts with a soft cotton candy top note, with middle notes of sweet sugar cookies, topped with soft fruit filling perhaps apple or apricot jam. Grandma's baking is definitely on the menu.

Making Spirits Bright – Make your loved ones sparkle with delight as they unwrap beautifully packaged bottles filled with delicious scents.

Have them try Crime Exotique by Parfumerie Generale: A distinctive cinnamon top note with middle and base notes of green, earthy soil.

Amouage Interlude Woman is perfect for that special lady on your list.
Top notes of myrrh for a traditional Christmas offering, with a sweet centre, and a mix of frankincense and a sharp ending of black olive.

Now that you've shown how much you care with a scent chosen for each person on your list, you can relax and enjoy the holidays!

By Mel Dawn

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