Friday, August 9, 2013

At the Beach with Sandflowers by Montale

At the beach with Sandflowers by Montale~ "Oceanic. Smells as "open" as a fragrance can get. Starts out breezy, airy, and spacious. A nice marine note (in the opinion of a person who is picky about marine notes.) Smart pairing of juniper berries and oakmoss create a dry, woody accord that is the best part of this fragrance. As the sandalwood warms, it provides a pleasant sweetness which never overwhelms the salty underpinnings.Juniper berries are rarely found in a women's fragrance, neither are marine fragrances without florals or fruits. That, in particular, is a good reason to try this."

Note of the day: Juniper Berry ~ Baies de Genièvre: French for juniper berry. Juniper berries pink peppercorns arefrom the tree schinus molle, also known as the Peruvian or California pepper tree. These are actually dried berries and not “true” peppercorns, and you will sometimes see them listed as “pink berries”.

A Review: Montale - Sandflowers

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