Friday, August 9, 2013

A Fragrance Exploration with Dad

Do you remember the fun times you had with Dad back when you were a small child? I remember mine would bring me to the train yard to meet the train conductors and visit the communications room where the train departures were managed. I learned about fiber optics which would become a key component of internet communications two decades later, enabling people to order perfume through the Internet from The Perfume Shoppe.

Nowadays we don't give enough time to our Dad, especially when we're caught up in school or work, living away from home raising our own families. TIme gets away from us and soon we realize that we may have been too busy to call Dad.

Winter holidays, birthdays, Valentine's Day have all passed and you may be despair of buying yet another gift for your Dad for Father's Day. Sending socks, chocolate, and golfing accessories in the mail all seem like stale ideas. What better time to surprise him in person than with a visit and a token of your affection to show that you frequently think of him!

Here's a new twist on an old gift. Obtain a Perfume Shoppe Gift Certificate for your Dad, enclosed within a treasure chest with a promise for a fragrance exploration. Make a date with Dad to visit The Perfume Shoppe and help him select some fine gifts for his treasure chest! 

Maybe Dad can't get away to the mountains like in his earlier years but you can give him fragrant memories of day's long past. When he was younger he told you stories about his youth, perhaps a helicopter flight up north, canoeing on the river, or a ride in a hand car on the tracks. Embark on a fragrance exploration at The Perfume Shoppe and help your Dad relive these memories.

Here's a few choices from The Perfume Shoppe to help Dad get started on his treasure chest:

1. Cedre Eau De Parfum Spray for the Park ranger Dad who spends free time with his family exploring the parks and camping. Christopher Sheldrake designed this warm woody oriental cedar fragrance also suitable for women.
Cedre Eau De Parfum Spray 50ml 

2. Airborne Eau De Toilette Spray for the Dad who enjoys piloting planes. The perfume rebel Rei Kawakubo from Comme des Garçons & Hussein Chalayan designed this fragrance to exude a variety of man made and natural substances that can be sniffed on the wind. 
Airborne by Chalayan Eau De Toilette Spray 50ml

3. 1805 After Shave Balm for the ocean captain Dad. Blended by Truefitt & Hills during the reign of King George III. Your Dad can give a nod to the king while he's on his high-seas adventure. 
Truefitt & Hill 1805 A/S Balm  100ml  / 3.4oz 

By Mel Dawn

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