Friday, April 12, 2013

Do You Smell Manly?


SO maybe not all men look like David Beckham  but all men have their charm, and a scent that reminds us of them! Scents are not just for women. More often today we see that men are into scents that define their character as well. Fragrance for men can do many things for them and define them as a person. A citrus scent on a man such as Mark Birley, is a scent for a man that is just going out there into the world. He has a clean slate and is ready to go and conquer the world.


Then we have the musk scents such as Musc by Lorzenzo. This is for that same man that is now in this world, and has some experience; he is working and playing, and truly finding himself in the process. But he is ready for the next level up.


As time wears on there are scents that are more spicy, scents that have a confidence to them, and years of experience. Scents such as Interlude my Amouage for that more outgoing man, and a more spicy scent such as a Black Amber by Agonist for the more thought provoked individual.


Scents for a man just like a women, change over time and are selected not by just the name, but the experience that one has had in their lives.  Scents lead us to memories and thoughts and so when you chose a scent whether you are a man or a women it sometimes can show us where we are as a person, and even where we are headed in the future. Of course these are just a few of the scents that men wear, there are so many more out there to explore! 


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