Saturday, April 6, 2013

Changing the way that you smell scent


No matter how a perfume smells in the bottle, or on someone else, there are very specific factors that make our individual body chemistry as unique to us as a fingerprint!
Diet, hormone levels, skin tone and pigment, water intake, whether or not you smoke, drink, eat meat or sweets… all of these variables influence the way a perfume will smell on you. In addition, the pH levels in your body, whether you are more acidic or alkaline, will also contribute to the way a fragrance smells on you.
The quality of the perfume will also play a huge role in determining what it will do with your body chemistry. Many of the commercial fragrances on the market are up to 93% alcohol and chemicals. These substances are used to “stretch” the longevity of the fragrance, and give it presence by way of rapid evaporation. The advantage to using a high quality fragrance is that the perfume will not often deviate from its original composition, and you will spare the people in your direct company from being ambushed by your scent!
And then, there is the olfactory blueprint that you entered the world with. This blueprint, in my opinion, is the greatest contributing factor to how a fragrance will smell on you. Our “natural body smell” is not predetermined like our other genetic qualities. In other words, Gardenia smells like the heart of God on my mother. On me, well, it smells like bug spray!
So, if you find a perfume that intrigues you, try it on(for 10 minutes minimum)! Let it evolve! Enjoy the journey as the fragrance unfolds before you and see what that crucial “final ingredient” does to the perfume…
If you don’t strike liquid gold the first time, there are an endless number of accords waiting to be discovered, and Perfumers at the ready to guide you through the marketing traps and olfactory nonsense!
May your journey smell sweet!!!

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